Tackley Local History Group

Tackley History Mysteries

No. 1 Roman Snails

It is very possible that Roman snails have existed in Tackley for nearly 2,000 years.

No. 2 Was There a Second Roman Villa in Tackley?

Ambiguity surrounds a 1938 newspaper report that mentions the unearthing of a settlement.

No. 3 Peter’s Spout

Is it a spring? An outflow? The place where the two streams meet?

No. 4 Richard Edgington, the Tackley Poet

“The author of some very credible rhymes which displayed a natural poetic taste.”

No. 5 Another Roman Archaeological Puzzle

Tantalising references to a cemetry and underground passage are unexplained to date.

No. 6 Where Have Our Barrows Gone?

Tackley’s three long barrows, still just visible in the 1970s, have now disappeared.

No. 7 Tackley Feast

Like many local villages, Tackley held an annual feast or wake from the 18th century.

No. 8 Were There Clay Pits on Tackley Heath?

Tackley’s clay makes excellent pots. Does this explain the shallow depressions on our heath?

No. 9 Have Otters Returned to Tackley?

There has been an increase in sightings along the River Cherwell.

No. 10Crecy Hill: Tackley’s French Connection?

Does this local landmark get its name from a 1346 battle in France?

No. 11Angelino’s Corner

From where did this road junction, now known for its water pumping station, get its name?

No. 12How Old is Nethercote Road? Part 1

Clues are found in its original name, The Street, and the presence of Street Farm.