Tackley Local History Group

Tackley History Mysteries No. 3

Peter’s Spout

Many of us know of Peter’s Spout, and many more walk by it on the path between Tackley and Whitehill, but where precisely is it — and what is it? A spring; an outflow; a water course; the place where the two streams meet? It’s not marked on any early Ordnance Survey maps.

In addition, where does the name come from? It’s on or close to Akeman Street, so is there a connection with Peter’s Cross, also on Akeman Street, a mile east at the northern edge of Kirtlington?

Finally, does the present bridge mark the place where Akeman Street crossed the stream? The alignment seems correct, and the steeper bank on the eastern side appears to be retained by courses of stone. Is this modern, or a Roman construction to create a ford, or is it natural?

Research and text: John Perkins

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