Tackley Local History Group

Tackley Local History Group

Roman Villa at Street Farm

Thames Valley Archaeological Services have just published the report of their excavations at Tackley: David Sanchez, A Roman Villa at Street Farm, Tackley, Oxfordshire (TVAS Monograph 41, 225 pp, 43 colour plates, ISBN 978-1-911228-52-3) priced £25 + P&P. They have also published a full-colour booklet (16 pp) on the excavation: David Sanchez, Excavation of the Roman Villa at Street Farm, Tackley, Oxfordshire (TVAS Booklet 1, ISBN 978-1-911228-55-4) priced £5 + P&P. Both are available from us – contact the secretary Sue Ashton at suejashton1@btinternet.com – and from Thames Valley Archaeological Services.

For more than 40 years, members of Tackley Local History Group have been exploring the history of this Oxfordshire village and the people who lived and worked in and around it from 12000 BC to the 20th century.

We have published several books, and our exhibition Tackley Through Time can be seen in St Nicholas’ Church. We have carried out excavations at the church and at Gibraltar Point, undertaken archaeological investigations, and built up a collection of archives which is kept in the village hall. We run several archaeological and historical projects, and organise an annual series of talks from September to April.

New members are always welcome, whether from Tackley or further afield. The subscription is £10 per year. Please contact the secretary Sue Ashton at 10 St Nicholas Road, on 01869 331325, or at suejashton1@btinternet.com. There are around 270 members in our Facebook group.


Street Farm Roman Villa & Mosaic

The villa beneath Roman Place and the preservation of the mosaic floor.

Digging Tackley’s Past

Excavation of an archaeological site from the Bronze Age to the end of the Roman Empire.

Stories From Our Past

Articles about events and objects from Tackley’s history.

The Wreck of the Cataraqui, 1845

The disaster in which 42 emigrants from Tackley died off the coast of Tasmania.

Tackley History Mysteries

The unexpected or unusual in Tackley’s past.

Pottery Days

Making and firing pottery using local clay and ancient techniques.

Recording Tackley

Collecting the experiences and memories of village residents of all ages.