Tackley Local History Group

Recording Tackley

Recording Tackley was a project we started in 2018 to tape-record and collect people’s memories of the village: events, growing up here, relatives who lived here, moving here and more. We interviewed several people before Covid put a halt to this, as it did many things.

We know from posts on our Facebook group that many of you have lovely memories and photos of Tackley’s past, and enjoy sharing them and reading of other people’s experiences.

The original group who were working on the project have been joined by a couple who more recently moved to the village and have experience of collecting and recording information to produce a book of memories and photos. So Recording Tackley is now back on track, and our aim is to produce a publication of Memories of Tackley including photos and narrative.

We have identified some residents who we feel will have a story or two that we hope they’ll be willing to share with us, but we know there are many others, so we are looking for people who would be willing to chat and record the session — voice only, not video. From these conversations we will collect memories to include in the book. If people wish to remain anonymous, that is fine. You can volunteer yourself or let us know of someone you think would like to share some of their memories. We need people of all ages — yesterday is now history!

We also need people to be interviewers. We will supply a voice recorder and some hints, tips and prompts if needed, but we have found that once people start chatting there is usually not a problem. If you want to pair up with someone, that’s fine, or we can suggest someone for you. You could do just one interview, or more if you wish.

If you don’t live in Tackley but have memories or photos you would like to share, we are very happy for you to send them by email.

So do get in touch: tackleyhistory@gmail.com.