Tackley Local History Group

Pottery Days

People making pots in the village hall

In various parts of Tackley, blue-green clay lies just beneath the surface of the soil, as the Local History Group has found when doing archaeological work. This led us to wonder whether the first inhabitants of Tackley, in the Neolithic period and after, used this clay to make pots and other everyday objects.

The local potter Jane Bowen agreed to help us find out.

On Saturday, 7 October 2017 in the village hall, Jane helped us to make our own pots without using a wheel, which only arrived here with the Romans. More than 40 people of all ages joined in, making a variety of pots and other objects, many of them decorated and with various materials added including shell, ground-up pottery (grog), chaff and dried grass — we hope to see how these affect strength and resistance to fire. At the end of the afternoon, Jane took them to her studio on The Green for drying.

On Saturday, 14 October, they were fired in pits in the ground, the earliest method of doing so.