Tackley Local History Group

Tackley Through Time

Grant aided by West Oxfordshire District Council

We have received grants totalling £1,750 from West Oxfordshire District Council, Tackley Parish Council, Tackley Horse Show and the Heritage Lottery Fund to establish an exhibition space in the parish church of St Nicholas.

The exhibition, which will open on 21 April, will display artefacts, documents and images from the History Group’s archive and collections. It will be divided into four time periods: prehistoric and Roman; Anglo-Saxon, medieval and early modern (400–1600); 17th and 18th centuries; and 1800 to the present.

If you would like to help with designing the display for one of these periods, or publicity material or the overall exhibition, please contact Anne Martin on 01869 331676 or annemartin922 [at] gmail.com. Exterior of St Nicholas' Church in Tackley

If you have any objects, documents or photographs that you think might be suitable for the exhibition, or for the village archive, please get in touch.

The display will change from time to time, and if it proves successful we hope that other groups in the village will be able to use the space, including local artists.

The Cataraqui Disaster

The exhibition will incorporate the current display about the wreck of the Cataraqui off the coast of Tasmania on 4 August 1845 when all but nine of the crew and passengers died. Most of the passengers were pauper emigrants, including 43 from Tackley.

Further information on Australia’s worst civil maritime disaster and its links to Tackley can be found in Barry McKay, Tackley to Tasmania: Pauper Emigration from an Oxfordshire Village, published by the History Group. Con Gibben’s film montage of the history of the wreck can be viewed on YouTube.